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İstanbul / Sultanahmet

41 North Business School is the first and only stand-alone business school based in Istanbul offering tailored executive education and development programs to businesses worldwide.

Our team specialises in developing value and long-lasting growth for executive education through live online or in-class programs that identify development requirements and carry out assessments of leadership, culture, technology and innovation at the individual, team, and organisational levels. We create and implement end-to-end learning & development journeys for managers at all levels using our special facilitation tools, which include coaching, gamification, simulation, and art coaching strategies.

The 41 Executive Club serves as a nexus for gatherings of distinguished alumni of 41 North Business School, executives from esteemed partner companies, and corporate academies affiliated with 41 North Business School. Each assembly is meticulously curated around a particular theme, complemented by the announcement of an expert speaker well-versed in the chosen subject matter. Visit Website

Art & Culture

Verni Art Salon Sultanahmet

İstanbul / Sultanahmet

Verni Art Salon is situated within a historic structure that once served as part of a Byzantine-era harbour. Following the Ottoman fleet's defeat at Lepanto in 1571, a shipyard, having seven arched docks, was constructed at this very location.

Throughout the 20th century, the building underwent modifications that altered its original design. In 2018, the three-year-long reconstruction of the building was successfully completed.

The interior was meticulously restored to its historical appearance, with a focus on preserving old brick walls and arches. Presently, this historic shipyard accommodates an art salon that offers a plethora of captivating gift ideas and inspirational concepts for enhancing your living space. Boasting unique collections and rare artworks, Verni Art Salon also provides a platform for artists and art enthusiasts to come together and celebrate their shared passion for creativity. Visit Website

Verni Art Salon Cappadocia

Cappadocia / Urgup

Nestled along the path that winds from Urgup to the historic village of Mustafapasha, Verni Art Salon Cappadocia finds its home in a building that tastefully echoes the charm of a traditional Ottoman Bazaar. It stands as the perfect destination to explore for those in search of distinctive ideas for home decor or simply yearning for a refreshing escape from the well-trodden tourist trails of Cappadocia.

The essence of Anatolian tekkes and monastery cells resides within these stone rooms, surrounded by meticulously chosen antiques, paintings, ceramics, and embroideries. Handcrafted wool carpets, breathtaking silk carpets adorned with Tabriz motifs, and exquisitely elegant Ottoman home decor items are just a glimpse of the splendid collection awaiting you at Verni Cappadocia.

Visitors are welcomed to step into the captivating realm of Oriental handicrafts and learn more about the enchanting significance concealed within the array of patterns and symbols, infusing a deeper dimension into the overall experience. Visit Website

Coffee Museum Cappadocia

Cappadocia / Urgup

Coffee in Turkey represents more than a mere beverage; it embodies a rich cultural tapestry, social connection, and a profound influence on global coffee culture. The intricate rituals, traditions, and sense of community associated with coffee have left an indelible mark on both the Ottoman Empire's history and the broader world of coffee enthusiasts.

Coffee Museum Cappadocia stands as a unique haven where visitors can immerse themselves in the rich history of coffee and uncover the profound influence this beverage has exerted on the lifestyles, preferences, and tastes of both Eastern and Western cultures.

Within the museum's confines, a diverse array of artefacts awaits discovery, each narrating the story of coffee — a testament to the evolution of coffee preparation methods over the centuries. Guided tours offer a captivating journey through coffee traditions and rituals spanning diverse countries and cultures, from the opulent Ottoman Turkey to the vibrant landscapes of Latin America and Asia. Visit Website

Architecture & Design

Gülab Architecture & Construction

İstanbul / Sultanahmet

Gülab Architecture & Construction is an architectural design and construction company, founded in 2015. The company’s strategy rests on the conviction that architecture has the capability to organize and transform space in accordance with the evolving requirements of humans, nature, and communities.

Gülab Architecture & Construction primarily focuses on residential architecture and interior design, along with the improvement and preservation of landscapes and the design of historical structures. The company collects and interprets client requests, proposing solutions that enhance the spaces to be constructed or revitalized.

At present, Gülab Architecture & Construction is actively engaged in projects involving several private residences in Mustafapaşa, Nevşehir, as well as new hotel developments in Sultanahmet, Istanbul. Visit Website

Hotels & Resorts

Ajwa Cappadocia

Cappadocia / Urgup

Situated in the historic village of Mustafapaşa, in the heart of Nevşehir province, Ajwa Hotel Cappadocia extends a warm embrace of Anatolian hospitality. The accommodations comprise opulent designer rooms spread across three distinct buildings, as well as magnificent cave suites.

The main building has been designed to replicate the ambiance of a historical caravanserai, featuring sumptuous handcrafted furniture, intricate handmade rugs and carpets, and captivating decor. The hotel boasts a restaurant, spa, kids’ club, small farm and direct access to the Beydere Valley.

Uncommon for this area, Ajwa Hotel Cappadocia has an exquisitely landscaped garden adorned with more than 130 varieties of plants. Sakura and cherry trees, vibrant roses, and fragrant herbs like thyme, sage, and rosemary come together to craft an unparalleled atmosphere throughout the resort. Visit Website

Ajwa Sultanahmet

İstanbul / Sultanahmet

Ajwa Hotel Sultanahmet, designed by Gülab Architecture & Construction, is located in the heart of Old City and blends the finest features of Seljuk and Ottoman architecture. The grand arched portal is adorned with intricate marble carvings, while ornate wooden doors are embellished with mother-of-pearl inlays. Majestic consoles, reminiscent of Atlantes, support an exquisite marble cornice.

The upper section of the façade is clad in meticulously hewn stone, which rests beneath an Ottoman-style decorated cornice overhang. Numerous structures and fountains in historic Istanbul are renowned for their wooden soffits adorned with intricate painted artwork. The abundance of marble within the palace's interior imparts a sense of solemnity. Cylindrical columns in the middle of the vestibule are lined with solid pieces of marble, which has been used in the construction of temples, palaces and baths since ancient times.

Enhanced with intricate mother-of-pearl furniture, luxurious silk Tabriz carpets, original paintings, hand-painted ceilings, and custom-made tiles gracing its 61 rooms and public spaces, the five-star hotel embodies the entirety of luxury hospitality with halal approach. Visit Website

Ajwa Homes

İstanbul / Sultanahmet

Ajwa Homes is an ensemble of meticulously restored classical Turkish houses that have been transformed into premium residences.

Located in the most authentic quarter of the Old City, right next to the Little Hagia Sophia Mosque, the residences offer the opportunity to immerse yourself in the ambiance of the historical peninsula while enjoying all the amenities and services of a luxurious hotel.

In each house, a spacious living room, intimate bedrooms adorned with warm decor, a fully equipped kitchen, and a private marble bathroom with hammam and sauna combine to envelop guests in the soothing embrace of the Oriental way of life.

As fully serviced extensions of the nearby five-star AJWA Sultanahmet, Ajwa Homes are available for both short and long-term stays, providing guests with a comfortable and stylish accommodation option. Visit Website

Tin Suites

İstanbul / Sultanahmet

Tin Suites is situated on a bustling pedestrian street, in close proximity to the Hagia Sophia Grand Mosque and the Basilica Cistern. The very location makes it an ideal starting point to explore the Old City, with numerous renowned landmarks just a few minutes away.

The hotel offers accommodation in thoughtfully restored rooms located in two buildings, one of which has the Ottoman neoclassical façade. Elegant and comfortable rooms meet a variety of essential requirements, including privacy, tranquility, modern technology, and ample natural light.

Each unit is equipped with air-conditioning, an underfloor heating system, a private bathroom, and a flat-screen TV. The top-floor rooms feature a rooftop terrace with stunning views of historical Yerebatan street and the Hagia Sophia Grand Mosque. Visit Website

Afiya Spa

The Hammam or Turkish Bath, was an important part of the daily lives of Ottomans.

The tradition and rituals of this bathing culture remain very much intact in our times too, as guests will experience at Afiya Spa & Fitness. Visit Website


Zeferan Cappadocia

Cappadocia / Urgup

Zeferan Cappadocia is located on a hill with a beautiful view of the Cappadocian landscape, next to the road connecting Ürgüp with the village of Mustafapaşa. The restaurant has two floors, a rooftop terrace and a summer terrace. A free car parking is also available on site.

Our restaurant stands as a tribute to the artistry of food, embracing artisanal values that transcend industry norms. In an age of standardisation, Zeferan Cappadocia takes immense pride in offering the flavours of wholesome cuisine, preserving traditional excellence, and celebrating true artisanship. Every dish tells a story, every flavour is an ode to tradition.

Surrounded by magnificent handmade carpets, exquisitely adorned mother-of-pearl inlay furniture, and charming rural household items, an ambiance of rustic comfort and heartwarming warmth is effortlessly evoked. Moreover, the dining experience at the restaurant includes a captivating plunge into history and culture, with meals being elegantly presented in time-honoured dishes. Visit Website

Zeferan Sultanahmet

İstanbul / Sultanahmet

Nestled on the top floor of the luxurious Ajwa Hotel Sultanahmet, Zeferan Sultanahmet beckons you to savour the genuine essence of Oriental cuisine. The restaurant boasts two halls, both embellished with wooden paneling and bathed in ample natural light. One of the spacious halls is adorned with still-life paintings crafted by Azerbaijani artists, while the other proudly displays a remarkable collection of antique spoons.

Delectable treats with Turkish and Azerbaijani influences, skilfully overseen by Chef Ramin, are complemented by seasonal sherbets and an array of exquisite snacks. The à la carte menu offers a wide range of fish or meat-based dishes as well as vegetarian and vegan meals. This is a realm where flavours surpass mere taste, and every dish becomes a chapter in the narrative of culture. Visit Website

Sukkari Patisserie

Cappadocia / Urgup

Indulgence meets authenticity at Sukkari Patisserie, an oasis of delectable pastries and cakes nestled within the heart of Ajwa Cappadocia. Our patisserie is a sanctuary for those seeking the perfect blend of homemade sweetness and world-class teas.

Step into a warm and inviting ambiance, where each confection is a labor of love. Our pastries tell stories of care, passion, and attention to detail. The aroma of freshly baked treats fills the air, creating an experience that lingers on the senses.

Discover a symphony of flavours as you explore our wide array of pastries and cakes, each a work of edible artistry. At Sukkari Patisserie, the world's finest teas are paired with the finest sweets, making every moment a celebration of life's simple pleasures. Visit Website

Tin Restaurant

İstanbul / Sultanahmet

Embark on a culinary expedition at Tin Restaurant, where Azerbaijani delicacies take center stage against the backdrop of Istanbul's historic treasures. With the Basilica Cistern and Hagia Sophia as witnesses, our restaurant offers an immersive experience that marries gastronomy with history.

Tin Restaurant is a symphony of flavors, presenting a curated selection of dishes that traverse the culinary landscapes of Azerbaijan and Turkey. Our restaurant serves as a bridge between cultures, uniting diverse palates through the universal language of food.

Every plate at Tin Restaurant embodies the spirit of authenticity, sourced from the rich terroirs of Azerbaijan and Anatolia. Our commitment to quality ensures that every bite is a testament to the ingredients' origins and the hands that brought them to life. Welcome to a dining destination where culture and cuisine entwine, and every meal narrates the story of our shared heritage.

Visit Website